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Browser Support for OneSite

OneSite is currently not certified to operate with the Microsoft Edge browser. We will continue to provide regular updates on our progress towards certification. Microsoft is no longer providing updates to Internet Explorer 9 or 10. While OneSite still functions with these browsers, it is strongly recommended that upgrading to a supported version (11) is considered. We will be dropping support for these browsers with a future release, and will provide a minimum notice of 60 days in advance.

OneSite supports the full experience with Internet Explorer 11, and the majority of day-to-day functions are operational in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on the Mac OS, excluding the Affordable and Budgeting related processes. For additional information, please refer to our technical specifications ( or contact product support at (800) 704-0154.

RealPage Client Portal

To transact with RealPage and access your information, go to the RealPage Client Portal. It offers a variety of useful resources, such as searching the knowledge base, updating profile information, submitting product ideas, and more.

To submit an enhancement idea, go to the Idea Exchange located in the RealPage Client Portal.

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